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The Carasma


Carasma brings holistic health through
Coaching and Virtual Reality in your everyday life.

Student in der Bibliothek
berufstätige Frau

Achtsamkeit und Fokus
mentaler Druck und Stress

With mindfulness, stress can be overcome in everyday life by consciously and nonjudgmentally perceiving what is right now, the current moment, without evaluating or judging it. Through mindfulness you can:  

  • Relaxation and stress levels decrease 

  • Improvement of cognitive functions 

  • Increase awareness of the body and your own needs 

  • Keep focus on the really important things 

Try Carasma and see the benefits for yourself!


healthy habits
chaos and lack of energy

We accompany you in bringing healthy habits into everyday life and putting an end to everyday chaos. Our routines give us the necessary energy and motivation to master our lives successfully and can influence: 

  • physical health

  • sleep and recovery

  • Positive mood and reduction of anxiety  

  • Productivity at work and energy

Practical workshops or individual coaching will show you what options you have to get your routine under control. 

Yoga zu Hause
Yoga zu Hause praktizieren

Wohlbefinden & Balance

The right movement for our body type and the current life situation is the key to holistic well-being and a balance in the body. Training that overwhelms us or does not give us any pleasure can have just as negative an effect as no movement at all, which is why we accompany you:

  • Discover an active lifestyle

  • Finding ideal types of movement for yourself 

  • to have fun with it! 

  • To share movement with joy and colleagues.

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